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A Bad Date – 2013

I pulled the blinds 

On you 8 years ago. 

You crept in through every

Crack and crease in my mind. 

So I hung curtains, too. 

Finally I blacked you out,

And I almost forgot out you. 

One of the cords got loose

And you poked your way through

Like a small string of sun. 

You have begun to radiate heat

Into a room I’d started to think

Was cold, frigid, void from what

Once filled it. 

Heat has two fold power. 

It is the progenitor of life. 

It awakens seeds from their dormancy. It melts away frost from  Indiana Februarys. 

It bakes the bread from which we gain our sustenance.  

And it’s other power,

Well, it could scour a farmer’s

Sprouts from the soil. 

It spoils groceries left out in the car for, too long. 

It burns my fair Irish skin to a crispy red. 

So when I shrink to the corner

Of this once vacant room.

Remember that your heat 

Brings me warmth, but

It’s your ability to char that I fear.

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