Cold Coffee Chronicles

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  • Haiku for Papa

    This is mine: Mustache of the pastEchoes of a diving boardSummer raspberries Continue reading

  • Dog Breath

    Imagine the kaleidoscope of knowledge a dog unlocks when he sniffs your breath. Like an unasked game of 21 questions, he learns about the curry you had for lunch. The cavity in your lower right molar. The kiss you planted on your husbands face as you walked into the home. Whiffing the air passing from… Continue reading

  • Dream Bird

    Yellow bird like a fruit salad Fluttered into my dream. His name was Mango and He was so sweet That the dog and cat refused to eat Him Continue reading

  • Alphablood

    Our blood is alphabet soup. Poured from the same vessel. Symbols glommed together that mean nothing, until properly arranged. These letters, my loves, mean we’re bound by blood. A recipe of hormones and genetic trails. A history of cysts and eyes blue like a glacier stream. For now, our formulas lay contained in little baggies… Continue reading

About Me

An English diarist and naval administrator. I served as administrator of the Royal Navy and Member of Parliament. I had no maritime experience, but I rose to be the Chief Secretary to the Admiralty under both King Charles II and King James II through patronage, diligence, and my talent for administration.