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Poem for a Dad

It’s dark and cold and I am scared
My little hand grasps at the air
There’s a pain in my tummy
And I start to cry.
Tears seep like raindrops from my eyes.

When suddenly from high up above
A warm, strong hand lifts me with love.
I rest my head against your skin
But I whimper and scream
For the fright to end.

You hug me close and pat my back
And warm my bottle as a snack.
You pull me closely to your face
And now it all falls into place.
You’re my daddy and I love you can’t you see?
You simply are my world to me.

Your strong arms cradle me as I drink
My bottle and I start to think
This world isn’t so cold and bad
Because I have you as my dad.

I snuggle into the crook of your neck
And thank you for all you protect.
When the crib is scary
And my tummy is hungry
You’ll always be there, my daddy, who loves me.

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